Get The Boost Your Body Needs From New Vitamin-Infused Coffee Pods

Coffee has become a driving force behind our ability to wake up and perform throughout the day. A Harvard study found that 54% of Americans 18 and over drink at least one cup of coffee per day.

That's a lot of people looking for an extra energy boost as they head off to work, school, and to participate in other daily activities.

A study published by the journal Circulation also found that coffee drinkers are far less likely to experience "premature death" and have a vastly decreased chance of suffering from a stroke or type II diabetes.

The health benefits of coffee have been studied in depth and researchers often find many health benefits to drinking at least one cup every day. In many studies, researchers have found that 2, 3, and even 4 cups of coffee can have positive outcomes on our health and longevity.

Until now, the health advantages of drinking coffee were left to the natural roasted product and VitaCup is flipping that strategy on its head. The new company has created Keurig-friendly pods that inject a healthy dose of vitamins and antioxidants into every single cup.

A Healthy Dose Of Vitamins And Antioxidants

Did you know that over 40% of Americans have a vitamin deficiency?

According to experts, psychological conditions such as dementia, paranoia, depression, and behavioral changes can result from a vitamin B-12 deficiency. Neurological damage sometimes cannot be reversed. Other effects include tingling in the feet and hands, extreme fatigue, weakness, irritability or depression. Some of the symptoms of vitamin D may include difficulty thinking clearly, bone pain, frequent bone fractures, muscle weakness, soft bones that may result in deformities, and unexplained fatigue.

Every VitaCup features seven different important vitamins and antioxidants your body needs to flush out harmful free radicals.

When taken on their own, each of these vitamins can improve a person's health. When taken together, they can increase energy levels, improve focus, and provide dozens of other health benefits.

Millions of Americans are putting themselves at risk of health issues by being vitamin deficient. Thanks to VitaCup, forgetting to take these vital vitamins are a thing of the past. Get VitaCup here >>

Developed To Maintain Vitamin Effects

The nutritional value information located on every order of VitaCup is accurate after brewing. The company wanted to ensure that heating its product wouldn't cause a loss of nutrients.

If you avoid reheating your coffee, the vitamins listed on each package will be delivered upon drinking.

Sustainable Coffee With The Flavor To Match

Every helping of VitaCup comes with the promise that you'll enjoy fair trade arabica coffee sourced from only the very best coffee bean producers in South America. Whether you're a coffee snob with discerning taste or you want a sustainable BPA-free coffee pod that's 100% recyclable, you'll find what you're looking for with VitaCup.

A Growing List Of Products With A Proven Track Record

VitaCup has already delivered more than 100,000 pods to customers around the world. The company offers a variety of flavor options. Non-coffee drinkers can also enjoy a steaming hot and healthy cup of green tea.

With an unlimited number of coffee profiles to choose from on the open market, it was important for the company to provide something for every coffee drinker's palette.

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How To Order VitaCup

While VitaCup may add additional vitamins into your next cup of coffee, the company has managed to keep prices low. Cups are available online with 16, 32, 64, and 128 count packages.

The company hopes to eventually sell its vitamin-infused coffee in major retail stores around the country. For now, you can enjoy their product direct from the manufacturer at amazingly low prices, so take advantage and get some VitaCups before your next morning coffee!

If you want to live a healthier life while supporting positive environmental change, you'll definitely want to try VitaCup. It's delicious, inexpensive, and a healthier alternative to the traditional cups of coffee you are probably already drinking on a daily basis.

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